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Receiving workplace has purchase order work queue for selecting the materials to be received.

The contents of the page might vary according to the customer customization.

Page Buttons

Use the page buttons at the top of the screen to navigate between material receiving page, to view the history of the received items, to monitor the contents of the storage locations, or to select workers.

Search Tool for Purchase Orders

You can search for specific purchase orders using the search tool fields. Purchase order types can be filtered using Order Type.

Purchase Orders Work Queue

Displays the available purchase orders for receiving. The queue determines the work order schedule.

Available Workers

Displays which workers have been selected from the Workers page to work on the current workplace.

Function Buttons

The function buttons perform different actions for the selected item of the purchase order work queue. The functionality is described later in this document.

Purchase Order Information

Displays information about the selected purchase order. If there is no purchase order selected, the area is blank.

Fill All Fields for Receiving Items

By using Fill All, it is easy to set the same value for all items or for selected items. All the Fill All fields are customed fields configured in System Settings. Close checkbox can be changed to all items or to selected items.

Purchase Order Item List

Displays the available purchase orders items that can be received.