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You place Solid Edge equipment in Smart 3D the same way you place any other equipment item. If the Solid Edge equipment was loaded as a flavor, Smart 3D places the equipment item directly from the model cache. In this case, Solid Edge does not start. If the Solid Edge item was not loaded as a flavor, then Solid Edge starts and closes during the placement of the part. If you modify a Solid Edge item, Solid Edge opens and closes.

Smart 3D caches symbols in the model when you place them. That way, Smart 3D only needs to store each type of equipment in memory once. If you use Solid Edge to modify the symbol, you must flush the cache to get the latest version of the Solid Edge assembly file. Use the Update Symbol custom command to perform this operation.

  1. Click Tools > Custom Commands.

    The Custom Commands dialog box displays.

  2. Select Update Symbol in the Command names list.

    If Update Symbol does not display in the list, do the following:

    1. Click Add.

      The Edit Custom Command dialog box displays.

    2. Type SymbolTestCmds.CUpdateSymboldefinition in the Command Progid box.

    3. Type Update Symbol in the Command name box.

    4. Click OK.

  3. Click Run.

    The Update dialog box displays.

  4. Click Select from Combo Box.

  5. Select the symbol from the Symbol Definition Name list.

  6. Click OK or Apply.

    Smart 3D updates the symbol definition to the latest version of the Solid Edge assembly file.