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Option Switch 115 enables you to prevent the generation of unwanted skews. The piping data file extraction utility of some 3D design systems can contain small dimension inaccuracies that lead to small movements at some pipe ends. When Isogen detects these small movements, it generates a skew section.

Example 1: OS 115 = 0

In the following illustration, a 3 mm movement in the N/S plane results in a skew angle of 0.08-degrees (A).

Example 2: OS 115 = 25

In the following illustration, setting a 0.25-degree cut-off angle suppresses the generation of the unwanted skew.

Option Switch 116 uses a dimensional tolerance to control skew generation. Of the two option switches, using Option Switch 116 is the preferred method; however, if both are set, Option Switch 115 takes precedence.

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