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Option Switch 82 provides further weight functionality to that in Option Switch 41 Positions 4 and 5. The latter is for basic component weights only. Option Switch 82 provides controls for the following:

  • Full (wet) pipeline weight

  • Weight of insulation

  • Center of gravity of pipeline, empty or full, with or without insulation

OS 82 Pos 1 switches on the CoG / weights facility and controls whether the output values are per pipeline or per drawing. For weight outputs, set .

The weight outputs show the following values:

  • Dry weight (pipeline empty)

  • Wet weight (pipeline full)

  • Insulation weight

  • In the previous example, weights are per drawing (Pos 1 = 1) and are output in this style on the drawing frame using the Isogen TextPos facility.

  • The pipe empty weight is derived solely from the weight of components.

For center of gravity outputs, set .

The center of gravity outputs show the following values:

  • Dry (empty) center of gravity

  • Dry (empty) plus insulation center of gravity position

  • Wet (full) pipe plus insulation center of gravity position

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