Create a copy symmetry family - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
  1. Click Edit > Copy by Family.

  2. Click Create New Symmetry Family in the Select Copy Family dialog box.

    The Symmetry Family Properties dialog box displays.

  3. Type a unique name for the family in the Name box.

  4. In the Workspace Explorer, select one or more coordinate systems to define the symmetry plane.

    The coordinate systems display in the Symmetry Planes box.

    All selected coordinate systems must have coincident Y=0 planes.

  5. In the Port Group Name box, type a name for the port side group.

  6. In the Starboard Group Name box, type a name for the starboard side group.

  7. Under Source Group, select whether the port side or the starboard side is the copy source group.

  8. Define the Target Parent System for the target objects using Browse.

  9. Specify whether to copy the manufacturing data using the Copy MfgData option.

  10. Specify whether to set the symmetry data using the Set Symmetry Property for Parts option.

  11. Click OK.