Project Search Criteria Form - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Interference Checker/Manager (PD_Clash)


This option activates the Project Search Criteria form. It is used to define the criteria used when creating a report.

Select Table to define search criteria: – Selects the table that holds the attributes that relate to the specific data occurrences to restrict for reporting. After a table is selected, you select specific attributes within that table. For each of the selected attributes, you set the search criteria with logical operators for the rows of data within the selected table or related tables. The related tables are listed in the bottom field.

Search Criteria which will affect data retrieved from above Table: – Displays the tables that are associated to the selected table by predefined relationships between attributes. These tables, therefore, affect the actual data that is reported from the selected table. Remember that the search criteria defined in the selected table in the top field, and all related tables in the bottom field, is what actually affects the data that is retrieved. This can result in a very narrow search criteria for the report.

Since this field is meant to inform you of the tables that affect the data retrieved from the attributes you specify, it is a read-only field.

Clear All Search Criteria – Removes any previously defined project search criteria.

If prompted to...

Do this:

Select Option

Select the table to define the search criteria and click Accept to accept the highlighted table.

The system activates the Search Criteria form with a list of attributes for the selected table and an Interference Clash Per Job display list.

For any date attribute selected, the system displays the Define Date/Time form. See the Define Date/Time section for more information.

Select Attribute

Select the attribute to be restricted.

The system displays the selected attribute in a separate field and displays a list of operators.

Select Operator

Select an operator to define the search criteria.

The system displays the selected operator and prompts you to key in an attribute value.

Enter Attribute Value

Key in the attribute value. For a substring search, key in a string to appear anywhere within the attribute value (do not use wild cards) or select a value from a code-listed form, then select the value and click Accept.

The system validates the input and displays the defined search criteria in the Interference Clash Data Per Job field.

Accept or Select And/Or Operator

Select AND to specify an additional condition or select OR to specify an alternative condition or click Accept to accept the defined search criteria.