Interference Approval Manager - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Interference Checker/Manager (PD_Clash)

3D Design and Visualization

This option activates the Interference Approval Manager form. It is used to review all the interferences in a project or area and revise the approval status of any of the interference markers, plot clashes, and create unapproved clash reports.

When you activate the Interference Approval Manager and select an option, the applicable marker file is verified. If the marker file is not valid (for instance, if it is copied from the project's seed file using File Manager), a dialog box appears indicating that the file should be re-created. This must be done in order to continue. See Interference Management Data for more information. No Interference Management data is lost as a result of updating the marker file. Also, if the marker file is already in use, the system displays a lock status message.

Project — Reviews and revises interferences for the active project.

Piping Design Area — Reviews and revises interferences for a selected piping design area.

Design Area -— Reviews and revises interferences for a selected design area.

You must have run the Interference Checker for the volume to be reviewed or revised.