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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

A series of standard reports is available for the E&PI (BOM) module. For a detailed description and purpose of each report, call the Report Document Library from the Help menu in Smart Materials. Below you can find a list of all BOM reports delivered with the software.

  • B.30.R.01.01 Structure Summary

  • B.30.R.01.02 Structure Evaluation

  • B.30.R.02.01 Positions Summary

  • B.30.R.02.02 Positions Evaluation

  • B.30.R.02.04 BOM MTO/Line

  • B.30.R.03 Piping

  • B.30.R.04 Proof of Components

  • B.30.R.04.01 Material Trace Version 1

  • B.30.R.04.02 Material Trace Version 2

  • B.30.R.06 Assemblies

  • B.30.R.06.01 Assemblies Summary

  • B.30.R.06.02 Assemblies Evaluation

  • B.30.R.07 Status

  • B.30.R.07.01 Revision Summary

  • B.30.R.07.02 Material by Issue Status

  • B.30.R.50 Standard

  • B.30.R.50.29 Search Result

  • B.30.R.50.35 List Status Job Result

  • B.30.R.50.41 Verification Results

  • B.40.R.01 BOM Import Protocol

For more information about how to run a report, read Reports.