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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)
  1. In the menu tree, navigate to Smart Materials > MSCM > P.10 Setup.

  2. Double-click P.10.25 Question List.

  3. In the Company Type field, use the LOV to specify a company type.

    Company types are defined on the A.10.22 Company Types screen. For more information, see Base information.

  4. In the Level 1 field, specify the hierarchy of the questionnaire (how it will appear on the P.20.03 Questionnaire screen). Level 1 is a required field; Levels 2-4 are optional.

  5. In the Seq field, enter a number to determine the sort order of the questions.

  6. In the Question field, enter text for the question.

  7. In the Answer Type field, select the data type for the answer.

  8. In the Qualification Stage field, select the phase in which the question must be answered.

  • In the LOV Condition box, you can enter an SQL statement that returns two columns: allowed values for the answer, and a description of the value. This statement restricts the possible answers in P.20.03 Questionnaire for the question.

    Example query (selects country codes):

    select cy_code , cyn.description
    from m_countries cy, m_country_nls cyn
    where cy.cy_id = cyn.cy_id(+)
    and cyn.nls_id(+) = :ctrl.nls_id
    order by 1

    Or, you can go to the next block (Window 2) to enter answer values. This may be easier if you are not familiar with SQL.

  • In the Approval Template field, you can assign an approval template to each individual question. This field is not required (because some questions may not require approval). The same approval template can be assigned to more than one question. When multiple approval templates are assigned, each of the questions must have its own approval sequence. Approval templates are defined on A.20.45 Approval Templates. For more information, see Approval templates and representatives.

    If you are using an approval template for a question, the approval template should be defined in the product group so that it is visible independent of the login context.

  • The Mapped To box shows the field on A.10.23 Companies or P.20.01 Suppliers/Subcontractors that the question is mapped to. For example, you can map to Parent Company on A.10.23 Companies, and you can map to many fields on P.20.01 Suppliers/Subcontractors (Business Size, Mailing Country, Port of Exit, State or Prov, and so forth).