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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

If the counted quantity derived by the physical count is less than the quantity stored in the database, you must create an OS&D report manually on the C.20.19 OSD for Inventory screen.

Query the first (Physical Inventory Counts) block to display the idents with the shortage quantity.

To create the OS&D report in the second (Over, Short or Damages) block, fill in the OS&D quantity in the OSD Quantity field. The OSD Number will be generated automatically based on the pre-defined OSD rule assigned to the user. Then select the type of the OS&D from the drop-down list in the OSD Type field. The available types are listed below.

  • Over

  • Short

  • Damaged

  • Not to spec

  • Incorrectly received

  • Correctly received

  • Damaged-Repair (delivered material is damaged and must be repaired)

The m_pck_site_custom.retrieve_osd_def CIP can be used to customize the entries in the OSD Type drop-down lists in OSD screens. It permits limitation of the availability of OSD types on project level and even translation and/or redefinition of the semantics of the existing OSD types. For more information, see RETRIEVE_OSD_DEF.

The OSD Create Date field is filled automatically with the current date. Specify who is responsible for resolving the problem by entering the name in the Responsible Person field. If it is to be the home office, select the HO Responsible check box. If site personnel are responsible, leave the check box blank.

Specify the required action in the Req Action field. If the home office is responsible, expediting must take care of it. Otherwise, the site personnel must take action. Whoever is responsible for taking action is also responsible for closing the OS&D after the problem has been resolved. Closing an OS&D is done by entering the date of closing this OS&D in the OS&D Closed Date field and specifying what action was taken to resolve the problem in the Action Taken field.