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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

To insert and maintain steel plate data, you can use the C.10.24 Steel Plates screen.

Steel plate data can also be inserted with the material receiving (MRR) screens. After an insert of a steel plate in one of the MRR screens, the information will be stored in the steel plate table. It will be displayed and can be maintained on the C.10.24 screen.

The name of the steel plate is displayed in the Plate Number field, the plate dimensions in the X-dimension and Y-dimension fields, and the unit in the Unit field. When selecting the heat number from the LOV in the Heat Number field, the Certificate Number, the Manufacturer, and the File Location fields will be populated automatically. All fields can also be inserted manually. Finally, enter a description in the Description field. The origin of the steel plate is displayed in the Plate Origin field. It is either C1024 when the plate was inserted in this screen, or it is MRR when the plate was received in the inventory with an MRR in any of the receiving screens.

The Attributes button can be used to open the A.50.21 Attached Attributes screen to attach attributes to the selected steel plate. For more information, see Attached Attributes.

You can only update or delete steel plate data if the steel plate does not exist in the inventory.