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Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

A project can be subdivided into tasks in order to track costs. This subdivision can be done, for example, by area, country of origin, or purchase responsibility. For each project, only certain account codes are allowed. The account codes are defined on the J.10.03 Account Codes screen. In the Administration module, you can find another screen where account codes can be maintained: the A.10.30 Account Codes screen.

Here you can view, maintain, and create account codes.

In the Account Code field, the account code is displayed. If the account code was created in an account code structure, this structure is shown in the Account Code Structure field.

The account code descriptions are displayed in the Short Desc and Description fields.

The currency of the budget is shown in the Currency field.

The budget originally planned when creating the account code is displayed in the Planned Budget field. The Revised Budget field shows the revised budget. It is initially set equal to the planned budget.

The CIP m_pck_account_custom.get_budget_data calculates the values of the next four fields. The results returned by the version installed with a standard release depend on the setting of project default ZJ_CAL_MOD. Depending on this setting, the calculation is done

  • on the header level,

  • on the line item level,

  • the maximum of both values is used, or

  • priority is given to the header or line item level calculation when the other value is empty.

The Forecast field displays the forecast for the budget amount that is already used.

The Actual PO field displays the total value that is used by all purchase orders (POs) for this account.

The Actual Req field displays the total value used by all requisitions for this account.

The Remaining Budget field displays the remaining budget for this account.