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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

A series of standard reports is available for the site module. For detailed descriptions and purpose of each report, click Help > Report Document Library from the main menu in Smart Materials. Below you can find a list of all site reports delivered with the software.

  • C.20.R.07 OSD per Page

  • C.20.R.11 Inventory Locations

  • C.20.R.12 Inventory Warehouses

  • C.20.R.13 Inventory Status

  • C.20.R.14 Inventory by Ident/Tag Number

  • C.20.R.17 Physical Count Sheet Report

  • C.20.R.18 Issue History

  • C.20.R.20 Over Issue by Ident

  • C.20.R.26 Inventory History

  • C.20.R.27 Issue by Subcontractor

  • C.20.R.30 Warehouse Pull Ticket

  • C.20.R.34 Equipment Log

  • C.20.R.41 Inventory Balance

  • C.20.R.42 Inventory Receipts

  • C.20.R.43 On Shelf Inventory

  • C.20.R.44 Surplus Inventory

  • C.20.R.51 Bin Labels

  • C.20.R.71 Tools

  • C.20.R.72 Containers

  • C.20.R.IISS Inventory Issues for MIR

  • C.20.R.IREC Inventory Receipts for MRR

  • C.20.R.MIR Material Issues

  • C.20.R.MRR Material Receipts

  • C.30.R.01 Forecast/Reservation Run

  • C.30.R.02 Forecast Summary

  • C.30.R.03 Forecasted Shortages

  • C.30.R.04 Graphical Forecast ISO/Weight

  • C.30.R.21 Forecast Shortage by Ident

  • C.40.R.01 Comm Code Status

  • C.40.R.11 PO Lines/MRRs

  • C.40.R.20 LP/PO/MRR/MIR Tagged Item Stat

  • C.50.R.01 BOM Design Changes

For more information about how to run a report, read Reports.