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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The Qualification Questions tab is displayed if the project default ZP_QL_MODE is set to ESUP (Smart Materials Portal supplier qualification and company profile folder) or BOTH. Here you can see the qualifications of a supplier if you work with the screens P.20.02, P.20.03, and P.20.04.

The information displayed here is submitted on the P.20.03 Questionnaire screen, Qualifications node, and cannot be modified here. However, it is possible to add non-standard questions (and answers), for example, questions that are not available on P.10.25 Question List.

If the DBA setting SUPPLIER_SHOW_ALL_QUESTIONS is set to N (default), only questions that have been answered are displayed. If SUPPLIER_SHOW_ALL_QUESTIONS is set to Y, all questions are shown.

The Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 fields show the grouping and sub-grouping levels of the questionnaire. The order sequence of the question is displayed in the Seq field and the question in the Question field. In the case that a question has conditional questions assigned, the question is highlighted with red background color, and the conditional questions with its answers are displayed in the lower part.

The Manual check box is marked for all questions/answers that have been added manually on this tab. These questions were not answered or the answers not submitted via the P.20.03 Questionnaire screen.

Additional information provided for the question is shown in the Info field. The Answer Type field shows the type of the answer.

The answer to the given question, either submitted on P.20.03 or entered manually on this tab, is displayed in the Answer field.

If multiple answers have been provided for Multiple Answers type questions, all answers are displayed in the Answer field, separated by semicolons. Double-click the answer to open a dialog where all available answers are displayed, with the selected answers on top.

The View Documents buttons next to the Answer field of each question can be used to view documents uploaded and attached to the question. A green background color on this button indicates that documents related to this question are available.

Optional hints about acceptance of answers to this question can be entered in the Acceptance Criteria field. When all users in the approval sequence have accepted the answer to the question, the All Accepted indicator is checked. The date of the last acceptance by a user in the approval sequence will be stored and displayed in the Accepted Date field. The list of the last names of the users who have accepted the answer to the question is shown in the Accepted By field.

Select the Qualified indicator if the qualification is fulfilled for this question. The Date Qualified is automatically filled with the current date when the Qualified check box is selected. You can add any comments about the answer in the Comments field.

Click the Approval Sequence button to open the A.20.49 Approval Sequence screen where the qualifications can be accepted/approved or rejected.

The approval sequence is filled using the approval template assigned to DBA setting QUALIFICATION_APT. If the DBA setting is not set, the approval template assigned to only one question of the qualification questionnaire is used to fill the approval sequence. If no approval template is assigned to the questionnaire and the DBA setting, you can manually enter the approval sequence to approve. If multiple approval templates are assigned to the questionnaire and the DBA setting is not set, you must perform the approval on question level.

For further details, see Question List.