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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The second step in the E-Supplier registration process is the company profile. After login via E-Supplier using the user name and password defined with the login request, the Profile & Qualification option must be selected.

Acknowledging with OK opens the P.20.03 Questionnaire screen with the Login Details and Company Profile branches displayed in the tree on the left side. When 1-Step approval is set, the Qualifications branch is also available. Clicking the Login Details branch opens the P.20.02 screen with the login request data previously entered.

To continue with the registration, the user opens the company profile part of the questionnaire by clicking the Company Profile branch.

The icon colors in the questionnaire tree show the progress of the questionnaire.

  • A red icon means that there are mandatory questions that have not yet been answered on the node's level or on one or more of its sub-levels.

  • A yellow icon means that all mandatory questions have been answered, but answers to one or more optional questions on the selected level or a sub-level are still missing.

  • A green icon shows that both mandatory and optional questions on the selected level as well as on all of its sub-levels have been answered.

The Material/Work Groups button in the upper block opens a new window displaying all available material/work groups in the system.

The Sel check box must be checked to select material/work groups for allocation. The Select All button can be used to mark all records, and the Deselect All button removes all selections. Use the Fill In button to assign the selected material/work groups to the company by inserting them into Window 7, while the selection window (Window 8) stays open. The Fill In and Return button does the same, but Window 8 closes. The Return button closes Window 8 and goes back to Window 7.

Window 7 shows the assigned material/work groups. At least one material/work group must be selected to be able to submit the company profile.

Next, all mandatory questions must be answered. Questions with answer type LOV or Y/N provide a list of valid values, and answer type Date displays a calendar LOV. The answer type Number requires a numeric value, and Free Text has no restriction.

The Upload Files button at the bottom opens a new window for uploading files and assigning them to the company profile.

The Upload button opens a new window so you can select a file from the local environment to upload to the database.

The upload functionality is only available with WebUtil installed. For more information, see the Intergraph Smart Materials Installation .

When a file is uploaded, you can use the View button to display the document. To remove a document from the database, click the Remove button. Deleting the record with the delete icon or F10 function key just deletes the record with the file information, but not the file itself.

When all mandatory questions are answered, material/work groups assigned, and required documents uploaded, the icon color of the Company Profile branch changes to green or yellow, and the company profile can be submitted using the Submit button. After submission, you cannot modify the answers unless you create a revision by clicking Revision. You can browse revisions previously submitted.

The Submit button opens a new window with a certification statement, which must be acknowledged with I agree.

The statement can be maintained using the A.10.54 Certification Statements screen, Certification Type ‘Questionnaire’.

When 1-step approval is set, the user can immediately continue with entering the qualification information. With 2- or 3-step approval set, the company profile must be approved first before the supplier/subcontractor can go ahead with the next step of registration.

In the case of 2- or 3-step approval, submitting the company profile data automatically fills the approval sequence with the users of the approval template that is assigned to the question list corresponding to the company type, Company Profile level (see detailed description in Prerequisites), and an e-mail notification is sent to the first person on the approval sequence. The company profile must be approved by all approvers of the sequence, and this approval activates the Qualification branch on P.20.03.

Approval of a company profile is done on P.20.04 Company Profile.

All companies registered via E-Supplier are listed on P.20.04. The Approval Sequence button at the bottom opens the A.20.49 screen with all approvers listed. When all approvers of the sequence have approved, the company profile is approved and the Approved check box in the first block is selected. When approval is completed, an e-mail is sent to the supplier/subcontractor notifying him that he can continue with the next step of the registration, which is Qualification.

The button at the right in the Company Profile block can be used to view attached files. Clicking the button opens a new window displaying the attached files. Clicking the View button opens the file.

With the company profile approved, an e-mail notification is sent to the supplier/subcontractor. Furthermore, with 2- or 3-step approval set, the new supplier/subcontractor is created on P.20.01 Suppliers/Subcontractors, with all information copied from the company profile, including the company profile details and material/work groups.