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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

When the bidder receives the Request for Quotation e-mail, he logs in via E-Supplier, using his user name and password and selects the Inquiries option.

After acknowledging with OK, all inquiries assigned to the bidder are displayed below the login block. Position the cursor on the inquiry that you want to work on, and double-click or acknowledge with OK to open the P.30.27 Bidder Quotation screen.

Complete Quote

The bidder enters all quote information such as unit prices and other costs on the appropriate tabs. When necessary, the bidder can add notes, propose alternates to line items, and attach documents to be sent to the buyer. The bidder can complete his quote in more than one step, when needed, over several days in multiple sessions.

Finalize Quote and Contractor Notification

When the quotation is completed, the bidder finalizes the quote using the button at the right. Depending on the project default ZP_QS_SIGN, the button is labeled Finalize Quote or Sign and Submit.

  • Finalize Quote - Locks the quote for the bidder and sends an e-mail message to the contractor notifying him about the bid.

  • Sign and Submit - Obtains additional information and goes through an electronic signature process before the quote is locked and e-mail is sent.

    First, the bidder is prompted to add his electronic signature. He enters name, title, and date, and then clicks E-Signature.

    Next, the bidder answers a secret question by typing in the answer and clicking Submit . The accuracy of the answer is checked against the answer stored in the system with the login request.

    And finally, the bidder must agree with the certification statement by clicking I agree.

    If any of these three steps fail or are canceled by the user, the signature is not stored and the quotation is not finalized. The progress must be re-started by clicking Sign and Submit again. When the E-signature, answer, and certification statement are properly submitted, the quote is locked for the bidder, and an e-mail is sent to the contractor notifying him about the bid.