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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Barcodes can be inserted and maintained on the C.20.06 Barcodes screen.

In the first (Barcodes) block, enter the barcode name in the Barcode field and the barcode description in the Short Desc and Description fields. Select the screen where the barcode is used from the drop-down list in the Use in screen field. The Used in MRR indicator shows if this barcode is used for material receiving.

The Attributes button at the bottom of the screen can be used to open the A.50.21 Attached Attributes screen to attach attributes to the selected barcode or to view and maintain attached attributes. For more information, see Attached Attributes.

The layout of the second (Barcode Reads) block depends on the screen selected in the Use in screen field.