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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

In this screen, the user chooses a List Job or defines a new job.

With a PLL verification job, the user can run various variable verification and processing routines, as well as fixed ones given by Smart Materials. Processing takes into account all the process lines below the chosen process units [L.10.03] (PLL Units Block). But only process lines with the same line status [L.20.01] will be processed.

Define which verification routines are to be initiated in the List Job Checks block. The user can employ the LOV function here to select the requisite verification routines from [L.20.02] needed for this verification run. The processing sequence is determined by the sequence number.

For verification jobs, which have relation to BOM [L.20.02], one work package must to be defined (Job Options Block). A set of predefined BOM list nodes can be combined to a work package. Verification routines runs only allow to run against these work packages.

Once the data is entered, Commit is used to validate it, whereupon the job is stored in the M_PLL_IMPORT_JOBS, M_PLL_VER_JOB_CHECKS, and M_PLL_VER_JOB_UNITS tables. This enables specific searches to be made for jobs, at a later date. The Job Status is set to new.

Processing can be initiated as online processing or batch processing.

PLL verification job is defined by entering a new record in L.20.03: