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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

This section describes the Smart Materials Online Help. It describes the structure and the context sensitivity of the online help, how to access the help, how to navigate within the help, and how to search. The online help is context-sensitive to user actions and is available at all times and for all screens.

The Smart Materials online help is organized by screen, window, block, and fields. This organization allows the help text to be context-sensitive. The help is provided in HTML format and is stored in the web_help folder.

To call the online help for the active screen, use the question mark button on the right of the toolbar.

The online help opens to the text describing the field from which the help was called. In the example displayed above, the cursor was positioned in the Originator field of R.30.01 when the online help was called. The picture below shows the result. This demonstrates the context-sensitivity of the online help.

The online help of all forms is structured in the same way. It is organized by screen, window, block, and field.

At the top of each page, you’ll find a general introduction about the intended purpose of the screen. This introduction describes the functions and prerequisites like privileges, settings, or configurations, if required for the screen.

All the fields on the screen are listed in sequential order, with the field names in bold and detailed description of the functions and properties of the field.