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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

All ORI interface operations can be initiated and controlled on the R.40.03 ORI - Import Jobs screen. Here you can set up job definitions, start ORI jobs online, and check the outcome of job execution by reviewing the log and error files.

To create a new job, enter the job name in the Job Code field. The job code must be unique in the project. Next, select the job processing mode from the dropdown list in the Processing Mode field. The job can be started in Insert Mode or Update Mode.

Then, select the file format for the import from the dropdown list in the Data Source field. The available options are:

  • From ORI ASCII File

  • From Excel Template

If you select the From ORI ASCII File option, you must provide an ASCII file as described in Import from ASCII File. If you select the From Excel Template option, you must provide an Excel file as described in Import from Excel File.

To upload an import file from your file system to the application server, click the Upload button. A file selection dialog opens. Selecting a file will send the file to the application server. This file will be transferred automatically to the database server.

The directory and file name are automatically entered in the Import Path and Import File fields. The file name is created by the string 'ORIJID' concatenated with the ID of the actual ORI job.

You can enter any comments in the User Comment field.

The options in the Job Options section must be selected if you want the CIP functions and procedures to be executed. The following options with the associated CIPs are available:

  • Technical Evaluation (CIP m_pck_req_custom.tech_eval)

  • Get Budget (CIP m_pck_req_custom.calc_budget)

  • Get Weight (CIP m_pck_req_custom.weight)

  • Get ROS Date (CIP m_pck_req_custom.std_ros_date)

  • Get Designation (CIP m_pck_req_custom.designation)

  • General CIP Procedure (CIP m_pck_req_custom.general_cip)

After these selections have been made, the job definition must be saved. Then click the Start button to start the import job.

When the job is done (Job Status changed from NEW to any other status), the online log file created by the job can be displayed using the View Online Log button.