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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The purpose of the B.10.05 BOM Rules screen is to administer assembly explosion and site activities. Here, only assembly explosion for BOMs and requisitions is described.

Assembly explosion for BOMs means that child idents of assemblies are physically copied to the BOM. Assembly explosion for requisitions means that assemblies are exploded during the MTO job, and the child idents are copied to their respective requisitions.

For requisitioning, it is not necessary to copy assembly child idents to BOMs.

To define a BOM rule for assembly explosion on BOM, first define a rule group in the first (Rule Groups) block. Enter the group name in the Rule Group field and its description in the Short Desc and Description fields. In the Category field, select the value BOM_Copy from the list. Save and go to the next block.

In the second (Rule) block, enter a name in the Rule field and descriptions for the rule in the Short Desc and Description fields. Next, a Where condition must be assigned to the rule. To do this, use the LOV in the Where Condition field to select a predefined Where condition from the list. Or, double-click in the Where Condition field to open the A.60.06 Where Conditions screen. On that screen, you can verify the existing Where conditions for the B.10.05 module, or you can create a new Where condition. When done, close the A.60.06 screen to go back to B.10.05. For more information see Where Conditions.