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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

This option is enabled only if more than one root node (master node) is allowed in the login project/discipline; that is, the project default ZB_1MSTR is set to N (default). If you select this command from the menu, the Add Node box will be displayed.

Select the node type from the LOV in the Node Type field; enter the node name in the Name field and descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields.

If the project default ZB_NODE_UK is set to Y, the node names for a node type must be unique within the project. When trying to create a node name that already exists for the node type in the project, the message ‘MAR-20391: A node with the name already exists for the node type in the project’, and you cannot save the node.

You can select an issue status from the LOV in the Preassigned Status field, which will be set as the default when creating BOM positions for this node. The quantity factor is set to 1 in the QTY Factor field, but it can be changed before saving the node. When all fields are filled on this Property page, select the Attribute page, which displays the attributes assigned to the selected node type on the B.10.03 Node Types and Settings screen.

Enter the attribute values, and use the LOV whenever available. Then click OK to complete node creation, or click the Cancel button to cancel this action. On successful completion, the new node is added at the root level of the existing WBS.