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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The Addenda tab can be used to assign addenda to the inquiry.

To create a new addendum, enter a unique (within the inquiry supplement) sequence number in the Add.No field, the addendum title in the Title field, and the addendum description concerning this inquiry supplement in the Detail field. The current inquiry supplement number is entered in the Suppl field by the system; it cannot be changed.

The addenda of all inquiry supplements are displayed, but you can create addenda just for the current supplement.

If you have not entered any users in the approval list, you can approve an addendum by selecting the Approve check box. The software automatically marks the Ready for Approval check box.

If the addenda will be approved using approval lists, you must set the project default ZP_APRADD. With the project default ZP_APRADD, you can define an approval template to fill the approval list automatically when you select the Ready for Approval check box and if the approval list is empty. The message displayed below appears.

Click Yes to send out an email to the first approver on the list.

To approve the selected addendum, click the Approval Sequence button at the bottom of the screen. The A.20.49 Approval Sequence screen opens, where the approver can approve or reject the addendum. When all approvers on the list have approved the addendum, the Approved indicator is marked and the addendum can no longer be changed. Further, the addendum is ready for issue, and the Issue button will be enabled.

To issue the addendum, click the Issue button. The issue date will be filled and the message displayed below appears.

If you click Yes, all bidders will get an email with the number, title, detail text, supplement, and issue date of the addendum. Click No to close the box without any further action.

If the project default ZP_ADD_RQD (addendum required) is set to Y, an inquiry supplement greater than 0 (zero) can only be approved if at least one addendum has been entered for this inquiry supplement.