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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

When you click the Split Tag button for the first time, two detail tags are created. If you click the button again, you create only one additional detail tag. A new ident is created for each detail tag. The commodity code of this ident is taken over from the commodity code of the master tag and further suffixed by a sequential number, as shown in the below example:

Describing tags

To change the description of this new ident and commodity code on any screen, do the following:

  1. Double-click the tag number to open the S.80.25 Tag Description and History screen.

    • For item type TAB, the Ident Layout tab is displayed.

    • For tagged items with other item types, the Tag Description tab is displayed.

      Before you try to update the tag number using S.80.24 Rename Tagged Items screen, check all the documents in which the tag number is used.

    • You can update the commodity code and tag number separately or together for TFM, TOM, and TWM item rules. You can only update the tag number for ident of rule TAB. With this, the commodity code and tag numbers are updated for item rules TFM, TOM and TWM.

    • For idents of rule TAB or SWT, only the tag number is changed.

  2. Click Save.

A detail tag is inserted as a new line item, and attributes that are attached to the master tag are copied to the detail tag.

Master tag on BOM

If the master tag is uniquely identified on the bill of materials (BOM), the detail tags are inserted on the BOM. Ensure that the ZB_SPLNODE project default is set. This project default specifies the BOM node under which a node is created for each master tag. The new node takes its name from the master tag number. Under the master tag nodes the detail tags are placed on BOM position. These positions will not be considered by the MTO, they are needed for the site module. Therefore, the issuing of material against the BOM or the forecast and reservation runs can also include the detail tags. The list position of master tag will be linked with the BOM node for the master tag. This BOM link is kept if you import BOM data for a higher issue status. Although all these entries are made in the BOM, they are not available for the user. They are not displayed in any BOM tree, but you can see the linked data using B.20.01.18 Show BOM Link from B.20.01.

Do not modify nodes and positions that were created automatically. For example, updating the quantities of the list positions does not influence the data stored in procurement.

The ZB_SPLI_WP project default can be used to specify the work package on B.40.12 that determines the scope for searching tag numbers in the case of a split tag. This project default is helpful in the case when you are working with two master nodes in the BOM, one for the MTO and one for site.

For more information, see E&PI (BOM) Project Defaults (ZB).