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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

On the Scope of Work tab, you can attach scope of work descriptions to the agreement.

This tab is only available for subcontracting agreements.

In the first block, you enter the name of the scope of work in the SOW Code field and the scope of work descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields. The revision is automatically set to 0 (zero) in the Rev field and the current date in the Rev Date field. You can click the Revision button to create a new revision of this scope of work set. The set will be copied, the revision of this copy will be increased by 1, and the revision date will be set to the current date.

If you have created a new supplement from the agreement, you cannot change the SOW that was copied from the previous supplement. You must create a new revision to change the data of the SOW.

In the second block, you define the scope of work sections. Select the scope of work sections from the LOV in the SOW Section field. The section descriptions will be displayed in the Short Desc and Description fields. The SOW sections are pre-defined on the D.60.01 SOW Templates screen.

Instead of entering the scope of work with the SOW sections manually on this tab, you can select a pre-defined SOW template from the LOV in the SOW Template field at the bottom of the screen, and click the Copy button next to it to copy the template with its sections. The template name will be copied to the SOW Code field, but it can be changed. If you use the Copy button when you have selected an existing SOW code, a message appears, stating that all current revisions will be deleted and asking if you would like to continue. If you click Yes, the existing SOW codes with their details are deleted and the selected templates will be inserted with all assigned sections. Double-click in the SOW Template field to open the D.60.01 SOW Templates screen where SOW templates with their details are defined.

Only the SOW sections for the highest revision of the attached SOW code can be edited (added, modified, or deleted).