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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The P.80.22 Box Line Items screen can be used to assign MR line items (that have been defined on the P.80.11 screen) to box line items.

The first (Boxes) block shows the boxes defined on P.80.21. You can use the LOV to query for particular boxes.

In the second (Box Line Items) block, you can assign line items to the selected box.

Enter the sequence number of this box line item in the Seq field, the quantity of material in the box in the Box Quantity field, and a description or a comment for the line item in the Comment field.

In the third (Box MR Line Items) block, material receipt box line items defined on P.80.11 can be assigned to the selected box line item.

Click in the MR Number field of a new record and click the LOV button. Window 2 opens where the material receipts are displayed.

Select the Sel check box for all positions to be assigned to the box line item. You can click the Select All button to select all displayed positions. To cancel a selection, click the Unselect All button. Finally, click the Fill In button to insert the selected positions in the Box MR Line Items block and to close window 2.

The MR Number field displays the name (Code, Number) of the selected material receipt.

The sequence number of this MR line item is shown in the Seq field.

The quantity received for this MR line item is displayed in the MR Quantity field.

The name (number) of the purchase order, notice of commitment, or change order is shown in the Order Number field, with its supplement in the Suppl field and its order type in the Order Type field. Available order types are:

  • PO - purchase order

  • NC - notice of commitment

  • CO - change order

The Pos field shows the order line item number, and the Sub field shows the order sub line item number.

The IS Pos field shows the sequence number identifying related shipments of an order line item, and the IS Sub field shows an additional sequence number identifying split shipments of an order.

The actual date the supplier shipped that item is displayed in the Actual Ship field.

The supplier is shown in the Supplier field, with the name of the company in the Company Name field.

The ident short description is derived by calling the CIP procedure m_pck_std_custom.ident_desc and is displayed in the Ident Short Description field.