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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The details of the BOM Design Change are described in Design Change Control: Processing Site Quantities.

The C.50.01 BOM Design Change Logs screen can be used to show the information of BOM design change logs after importing new issue status BOM data through OMI.

In the Query Selection for List Nodes section on top, you can set the query condition for the List Nodes block. The available options are listed below.

  • All BOM Nodes in Design Change Log

  • Unacknowledged Resv Shortage/Cancellation

  • Unacknowledged Design Change Issues

  • Undetermined Design Change Issue Warehouse

The MDM Number field shows the automatically generated Design Maintenance Number.

The BOM list nodes are listed with their issue status in the Status field and the following indicators:

  • Shortage / Cancellation - Checked if any unacknowledged automatic cancellation on Reserved Qty or Reservation Shortage exists.

  • Unack DCI - Checked if any unacknowledged Design Change Issue Qty exists.

  • Undeterm DCI Warehouse - Checked if any undetermined Design Change Issue Warehouse exists.

Click the Ack Resv Shortage / Cancellation button to acknowledge Reserved Qty / Short Reservation. Click the Ack DCI button to acknowledge Design Change Issue. Click the Ack All button to acknowledge Reservation Cancellation / Short Reservation and Design Change Issues. Click the Material Transfer button to open a new window with all line items available for material transfer.

In the second (List Positions) block, detail information about the related list positions is displayed. You can find the same check boxes as on the node level.

Clear the Highest Status Only check box to display all list positions belonging to any issue status with design changes. Select the check box to view only positions of the highest issue status with design changes.

The Design Change Positions Only check box is selected by default. With this setting, only positions with design changes are displayed. Clear the check box to view all positions.

Click the Unack Resv Shortage / Cancellation to see the detail information of unacknowledged reservation cancellations and unacknowledged reservation shortages in a new window.

Click the Unack DCI or Undeterm DCI Warehouse button to see the detail information of design change issues in a new window.