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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

After equipment has been received and stored in a warehouse, it may need to be maintained by warehouse personnel (for example, rotary equipment may need to be turned and lubricated periodically). The purpose of this screen is to maintain an equipment register and to record all maintenance events.

Use the C.20.34 Maintain Equipment screen for equipment maintenance.

In the first (Item Shipment) block of this screen, all item shipments that have been received are displayed. You can enter tag numbers by picking from a multi-selection LOV. To open the LOV, you must insert a new record and click the LOV button.

Select the Sel check box for all tag numbers to be inserted. You can click the Select All button to mark all displayed tag numbers. Click Unselect All to cancel a selection. Finally, click the Fill In button to insert the selected tag numbers on C.20.34 and to close this LOV.

The Location and Warehouse fields are populated automatically from the inventory item.

The Serial Number field shows the value entered on C.20.01 for the attribute assigned to project default ZC_SRN_ATR.

The Unit Number field shows the value entered on C.20.01 for the attribute assigned to the project default ZC_UNT_ATR.

The Rental indicator identifies whether the item shipment is rented (selected) or owned equipment.

The Received check box indicates if the item shipment has been received or not.

The name of the equipment supplier appears in the Supplier field.

The Returned Date field shows the date when the inventory item was or will be issued.

The Calculated Cost field shows the total cost of the inventory item that was or will be issued.

On the Maintain Equipment Registers tab, equipment maintenance registers are defined. The fields include:

  • Maintenance Required

  • fields to specify maintenance intervals

  • the Populate Schedule button.

To use a maintenance interval, you must enter a date in the Required Date field and a description of what maintenance is required on this date in the Maintenance Required field. Next, define the maintenance interval. Select the schedule interval (hours, days, weeks, months, or years) from the drop-down list, enter the number of intervals in the To be performed every box, and select a date from the calendar LOV in the Schedule maintenance until field. Finally, click the Populate Schedule button to generate and insert the maintenance dates.

Instead of clicking the button, you can enter data manually in the Required Date and Maintenance Required fields. You can select the date when spares have been issued for this equipment in the Spares Issued field.

In the third (Maintain Equipment Events) block, you can record the maintenance events for the selected maintenance task. Enter a sequence number in the Event Seq field. In the Work Performed field, describe the work done. In the Performed By field, enter the name of the person who did the work, Select the date the event was completed from the LOV in the Complete Date field. You can add any comments on this event in the Comments field.

The Equipment Usage Records tab is used to maintain equipment usage records.