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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The P.20.02 Login Requests screen can be called from the menu branch in Smart Materials. Company self-registration in Smart Materials Portal is described in detail in Register for the Smart Materials Portal.

In the Company Information block, you specify company information for the supplier/subcontractor. Enter the unique code for the company in the Company field. In the Company Name field, enter the legal entity company name (as it would appear on contracts). Select the type of the company from the LOV in the Company Type field. The company types are pre-defined on the A.10.22 Company Types screen. In the Federal ID/Business Registration field, enter the identification number. For US companies, this number is the unique Federal Identification number or tax identification number assigned to a business. For non-US companies, this number is the unique identification number used in that country to identify and register that company to do business. If the Federal ID Mandatory check box is selected on A.10.34 for the selected country, you must enter a unique federal ID.

The Approved and Submitted indicators show if the login request is approved or submitted to the contractor. If the Open RFIs indicator is marked, there are pending requests for information which you have sent to the registering company, but have not been answered. You can use these check boxes to query for login requests that have been approved and/or submitted already (check box selected in enter query mode), or that have not been approved and/or submitted yet (check box cleared by double-click in enter query mode). In the same way you can query for pending (check box selected in enter query mode) or done RFIs (check box cleared in enter query mode).


In the Addresses block, you define the main and other addresses of the supplier/subcontractor. The first address you enter must be the primary address. For this reason, the address type LOV shows only the address type defined as Supplier Default, and after selecting the address type, Primary Address is automatically marked and cannot be changed. Enter the street address in the Address field; the second line is optional. In the City field, enter the name of the company’s city. Select the country code for the company’s country from the LOV in the Country Code field. The description of the country is displayed in the Country Description field. Select the state or province from the LOV in the State or Prov field. The country codes, states, and provinces are pre-defined on the A.10.34 Countries/States/Provinces screen. Enter the zip code in the Zip or Postal Code field.

To enter further addresses, click in the Address Type field, click the New record button, select any address type from the list and continue as described above.

Code of Conduct

In the Code of Conduct block, you can specify the code of conduct document and view and edit the code of conduct status of the selected supplier.

The code of conduct feature is only enabled if the DBA setting CODE_OF_CONDUCT is set to Active. In this case, the supplier must accept the code of conduct to be able to answer and submit the company profile and qualification questionnaire in the Portal.

To add, view, or replace the code of conduct document, click Upload/View CoC. Type a description in the File Description box, and click Upload. Select a file and click Open to upload and store the file into the database. To view the stored file, click View. To delete the existing file, click Remove.

If you replace the existing code of conduct file, you will be asked if you want to reset the status for all companies to Pending.

If the supplier has accepted the code of conduct in the Portal, Accepted is shown in the Status field and the name of the user who accepted in the Accepted by field. Alternatively, you can set the status to Accepted on behalf of the supplier. Or, set the status to Exception to allow the supplier to finalize the questionnaire without accepting the code of conduct.

Contact Details

In the Contact Details block, you can enter the contact details of the company employees that have to be registered in the system. To define a new contact, enter a unique user identifier in the User ID field. This user ID will be needed for the Smart Materials Portal login. Select the Primary Contact check box for the contact that will be the primary contact of the company.

You can define only one contact as the primary contact.

The Password Set check box indicates whether the password is set for the selected contact person. A contact can be deactivated by selecting the Deactivated check box.

Enter the last name, first name, position, department, phone number, and email address in the corresponding fields: Last Name, First Name, Position, Department, Telephone, and eMail.

The client user ID is automatically set by the system in the Client User ID field and cannot be entered manually.

If the password is not yet set, enter the password in the New Password field and again in the Confirm Password field and click the Set Password button.

To change an existing password, enter the current password in the Old Password field, enter the new password in the New Password field and again in the Confirm Password field, and click the Change Password button. An email is sent to the supplier with the user ID and the new or changed password.

If the password has not been set for the selected user, the button will be labeled with Set Password; otherwise, it is labeled with Change Password.

Secret Question

In the Secret Question field, you can enter a secret question that is displayed if you have entered a wrong password three times in the logon screen and if the Password via Email option has been set to Only with secret question for you on the A.20.05 User screen. When this secret question is displayed, you must enter the answer provided in the Secret Answer field. If the answer matches completely what you have typed here, a new password will be generated automatically and sent to you via email.

  • Remember the answer that you enter here because you will not be able to see it on any screen later on.

  • You do not have to enter your password when defining a secret question and answer.

  • The secret question and answer can only be set for the user currently logged in. That is, even if the screen is opened in super user mode, you cannot save a secret question and answer for other users.

After you have entered or changed your secret question and answer, you must click the Change Question/Answer button to save the Q/A in the system.

If company self-registration is done in Smart Materials Portal, click Submit to send the login request. This will start an internal process that includes automatically starting the approval sequence defined by the DBA setting LOGIN_REQUEST_APT and sending an email to the first person in that approval sequence.

If the approval process is defined as 1-Step or 2-Step by the DBA setting COMP_REG_QLF, you will be asked whether you want to perform the next step or return to the login screen. If you click Yes, the P.20.03 Questionnaire screen will open immediately to allow you to continue the company registration. If you click No, you will return to the login screen. From there, you must log in with your user name and password and choose the Profile & Qualification option to open the P.20.03 Questionnaire screen.

If you have opened the screen from the Smart Materials menu tree and the company is not approved, the Approval Sequence button is available at the bottom of the screen. Click this button to open the A.20.49 Approval Sequence screen where the company login request can be approved or rejected.