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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Depending on the setting of the project default ZC_BIN_LOC, either the warehouse logic or the bin location logic is used in the site module.

If the project default is set to ‘WHTU’ (default), warehouses defined on C.10.02 and locations defined on C.10.01 are used for material receiving, depending on the warehouse to user assignment defined on C.10.03.

If the project default is set to ‘BLOC’, site codes or bin locations, respectively, are used for material receiving. After selecting the site code, you must select the warehouse from the warehouses assigned to the site code. Then you must select the location from the locations assigned to the site code.

The defined site codes/bin locations apply to all project users.

Bin locations are defined on the C.10.03.02 Bin Locations screen.

To define a site code, enter the name in the Site Code field and the descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields. One site code per project can be defined as the default site code by selecting the Default indicator.

In the second (Maintain Bin Warehouses) block, you can assign warehouses to the selected site code. Use the LOV in the Warehouse field to select pre-defined warehouses from the list.

In the third (Maintain Bin Locations) block, you can assign locations to the selected site code warehouse. Use the LOV in the Location field to select pre-defined locations from the list. The Quar. Loc (quarantine location) and Cab. Drum (cable drum) indicators are populated from C.10.01 and cannot be changed here. A quarantine location is not available to issue material; therefore, material assigned to a quarantine location cannot be selected in the material issue screens. The Cab. Drum indicator can be used for reporting purposes; it is not used anywhere else in Smart Materials.