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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Material that is received on site and booked into the inventory will be stored at a location in a warehouse. All material in the inventory is handled with assigned warehouse, location, receiving status, and quantity unit.

For easy identification, a location should be related to a real physical material storage location.

Site locations can be defined on the C.10.01 Locations screen.

To define a site location, enter the name in the Location field and the descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields.

For the use in Mobile Scan, you can specify a location type in the Type field, and a location purpose in the Purpose field.

  • The location types and purposes are pre-defined in the C.10.01.02 Location Types and Purposes screen.

  • Location type and purpose in combination with the assigned attribute set is used by Mobile Scan to identify the appropriate location when receiving material.

Enter the location weight capacity in the Max Weight field, with the unit in the Weight Unit field.

Enter the location size (dimensions) in the x/y/z Dimension fields, with the unit in the Dim Unit field.

To make a location a quarantine location, select the Quarantine Loc indicator. A quarantine location is needed for the Site inspection feature (see Quarantine Location). A quarantine location is not available to issue material; therefore, material assigned to a quarantine location cannot be selected in the material issue screens.

The Cable Drum indicator can be used for reporting purposes; it is not used anywhere else in Smart Materials.

If the location was assigned to a posted MRR, it can no longer be updated. Updatable locations are displayed with a light background color.