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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The Planning History tab is displayed only if maintaining planning history has been explicitly enabled by setting the project default ZP_PL_HIST to Y (default is N).

In this case, any change of information related to a planned requisition is protocolled here. This recording includes changes to the planned requisition itself as well as to its milestones, and it covers updates and deletions. Insertions are not logged in this history.

The information that has been modified can be seen in the Table and Field fields. The Table field shows the name of the database table affected by the modification, and the Field field the name of the table column that has been modified. The type of the modification (update or delete) is indicated in the Type field.

The Old/New Value field displays the value of the given field before/after this modification has been applied. If a record of an associated table is updated, for example, the planned date of a milestone, the Old Value field does not only display the old value but also shows a hint about which information has actually been changed. Example: The milestone set contains a milestone labeled KOM (kick-off meeting) with the planned date initially set to 30-NOV-2009. Updating this date to 04-DEC-2009 will result in a new record within the planning history where the Old Value field shows 'KOM: 30-NOV-2009'.

Upon deletion of a record, the values of all of its fields are logged in the history. The New Value field remains empty in this case.

The user who has applied this modification is shown in the User field. The date on which the modification has been applied is shown in the Date of Change field.