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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

If you are working with Basic Expediting (ZP_NEWEXP is set to N), the P.70.41 Close Order screen opens. This screen enables you to close a purchase order or to reverse the closing of a purchase order.

Fastcalls are not available if this screen is called directly from the menu.

All approved purchase orders are available on this screen.

The Order Number field displays the name/number of the purchase order. The order supplement number is displayed in the Suppl field. If project default ZP_COSUPPL is set to N (default), the supplement number of the order itself is displayed. Even if change orders have already been created and approved for the order the supplement number is that of the original order of type 'PO' or 'NOC.' If ZP_COSUPPL is set to Y, the supplement of the highest approved change order is shown. In any case, only the data of the latest change order is available.

The Origin field displays the name of the origin.

The Groups indicator shows whether shipment groups exist for this order.

The Supplier Name field shows the name of the supplier's company.

The contact person in the supplier's company is displayed in the Supplier Contact field.

The date when the order was approved is displayed in the Approved Date field. The name of the user who has approved the order is displayed in the Approved by field.

The Issued by field displays the name of the office that has issued the order.

The Client Order Number field displays the number of the client's associated order.

The name of the buyer assigned to this order is shown in the Buyer field.

The name of the expediter assigned to this order is shown in the Expediter field.

The name of the responsible user for traffic for this order is shown in the Traffic field..

The Perf Score field displays the supplier's performance for the order.

The All material received indicator shows if all material of the order has been received. This means that the quantity (or even more) of all item shipments has been received on site and has been posted to the inventory. Depending on the setting of project default ZP_RCV_TOL, the material is also regarded as being received if the complete quantity has not been received on site. The value assigned to this project default represents a percentage value. If the tolerance is 0 (zero, default value) the check box is only marked if either all material or even more has been received and posted on site. If the tolerance is greater than 0 (zero), this check box is also marked if less material has been received. To what degree lower quantities are accepted depends on the value of the tolerance.


If a quantity of 100 is expected for an order line item and only a quantity of 90 has been received, the material is regarded as being received if the tolerance is 10 or even more. If the tolerance is less (for example, 5), the material is not regarded as being received. In that case, a minimum quantity of 95 must be received to reach that status.

If you have used the split tag functionality, you can only receive either the master tag or its detail tags. Nevertheless, material is regarded as being received if either the master or its details have been received completely, considering the tolerance specified by ZP_RCV_TOL.

The All OSDs closed indicator is marked if all OS&Ds belonging to the order have been closed.

The All CAs checked indicator shows if all closeout activities that have been assigned to the order have been marked as complete. That is, the Comp check box on the Closeout Activities tab of P.50.07 Maintain Agreements must be selected for all assigned activities.

The All NCRs closed indicator is marked if all NCRs are closed. Open NCRs means that there exist item shipments marked as inspectable on P.70.55. Some of these item shipments have the NCR Date field filled but not the NCR Release Date field.

The All supplements issued indicator shows whether all supplements of the selected agreement have the Issued date set on P.50.07.

The Ready to Close indicator is marked if the other check boxes are marked.

The Close button is enabled if the order and all its change orders are approved and issued but not been closed so far. Click this button to close the order. The PO Close Date field of the order and all its approved change orders is set to the current date. If the order is based on an inquiry and this order is the last or only one that is based on this inquiry, the PO Closed Date field on P.30.11 Inquiries is also set to the current date.

The Reverse Close button is enabled for all closed orders. If you click this button, all changes that were applied when closing the order using the Close button are withdrawn. That is, the date fields are cleared.