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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Use the A.60.04 DBA Settings screen to define the following DBA settings:

  • ORI_IMPORT_PATH - Specifies the global default directory for ORI. This project default must point to a path on the database server.

  • ORI_UPLOAD_DEST - Specifies the name of the directory into which an uploaded ORI file is to be written on the application server. This name must represent a local disk drive on your application server and must end with a concluding '\'. The value can look like the following: 'c:\smat\your_dir\'. Do not enter the name of the application server.

  • OPI_UPLOAD_URL - Specifies the virtual directory for an uploaded ORI file. This setting must point to the same directory as ORI_UPLOAD_DEST. Please enter a string like 'your_server_name/your_virtual_directory' without starting with 'http://' and without a concluding '/'. If you have a standard installation according to the Installation, you should have a line in your configuration file on the application server that maps the DBA setting value in ORI_UPLOAD_URL to the one in ORI_UPLOAD_DEST.

  • RBS_ORI - Globally specifies the rollback segment dedicated to ORI jobs. If this option is not configured, the Oracle server randomly assigns a rollback segment to ORI transactions.

For more information see Smart Materials DBA Settings.