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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The software will keep all historical data of each issue status of the BOM; however, it will not keep the historical data of each list status. Therefore, BOM datasets can be used to store the current BOM data, for example, to keep the BOM data for any of the list statuses with the same issue status. Create a BOM dataset on the B.40.11 BOM Datasets screen.

To define a dataset job, enter the job name in the Job Code field and descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields. Select a pre-defined work package from the LOV in the Work Package field. Select either the Best Quantity indicator or an issue status from the LOV in the Status field. Then select a list status from the LOV in the List Status field. You can select Issued By and Issued Date values from the LOV in the corresponding fields. Finally, save the record.

To start the job, click the Create Dataset Online button. When the job is finished, the BOM data is stored, the FINISHED status is displayed in the Status field and the fields in the Job Execution Statistics section show the job information. Furthermore, the Create Dataset buttons are disabled and the Drop Dataset buttons are enabled.

If you want to indicate that the BOM data is voided, you must select the user and date from the LOV in the Voided By and Voided Date fields. This means that the BOM data will still be stored but indicated with Voided By and Voided Date values.

If you want to delete the BOM data, you must select the user and date from the LOV in the Removed By and Removed Date fields and save the record. Then click the Drop Dataset Online button to delete the BOM data from the database.

There is no feature for viewing the stored BOM data. Therefore, the customer must develop a report if he wants to view and print out the stored BOM data.