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Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

On the Checklists sub-tab, you can see all commercial evaluation checklists that have been assigned to the inquiry.

For each bidder, you can record whether he meets the requirements. Additionally, you can enter comments or remarks on the commercial evaluation. The commercial evaluation can only be updated for bidders:

  • who does not have positions assigned

  • whose bid is not approved. If the approval process has already been started, changes are no longer allowed either.

  • who returned a bid

  • whose bid has not been rejected (only this rejection can be taken back)

You can also add additional commercial evaluation checklists. These checklists will only be assigned to the quotes but not to the inquiry itself. This means, checklists added here will not be displayed on the P.30.21 Prepare RFQ screen. The prerequisites for adding checklists are the same as for updating checklists.

The Order by … Bidder/Company Name/Company/Buyer radio group at the top of the tab allows you to order the data within the matrix on the right either by bidder, company name, company, or buyer. The order of the commercial evaluation checklists can be set as usual by either clicking the Order By ... button or by using the pop-up menu. This sort order is shown in the Ordered by field.

The four lines on the top display, by default, the Bidder, Company Name, Company, and Buyer information. This display can be changed using the CIP functions get_first(second/third/fourth)_field andx get_first(second/third/fourth)_prompt. You can find these functions in the package m_pck_company_custom. Because of this special functionality, the drag and drop feature does not work for the header lines.

The sequence used to order the commercial evaluation checklists within an inquiry is displayed in the Seq field. You can double-click in this field to open the P.10.41 Comm Eval Cklsts screen where commercial evaluation checklists are defined.

The commercial evaluation checklist descriptions are displayed in the Short Desc and Description fields.

The Rev field shows the revision of the selected commercial evaluation checklist.

The name of the file attached to this checklist and containing the commercial evaluation checklist is displayed in the File Name field. You can use the Open button at the bottom to open the selected file.

Select the CE Passed check box if the commercial evaluation has been passed for the selected checklist.

You can enter a comment about the commercial evaluation in the Evaluation Text field.

The CE Passed check box can only be set and the Evaluation Text field only be entered if a bid was returned and if the quote has not been rejected, selected, or approved (partly or completely).

The No Bid indicator shows whether a bid has been returned. If the bidder did not return a bid, this check box is set. A commercial evaluation can only be performed for those bidders that have returned a bid.

The Rejected indicator shows whether the bid has been rejected. If a bid has been rejected, you cannot perform a commercial evaluation on the checklist level any longer.

The Sel indicator shows whether any quote detail of this quote has been selected in the awarding process. After any quote detail has been selected, the commercial evaluation cannot be changed any longer for this quote.

The Approved indicator shows whether the quote is approved. Once a quote has been approved, no more updates can be applied.

For the updatable fields of the checklist records, additional options are available on the pop-up menu as displayed in the picture below.

For example, if you enter 'Comply' as the evaluation text for the first checklist of the first bidder and then you select the Populate downwards command on the pop-up menu, ‘Comply’ is copied to all other checklists for this bidder. If you select Populate sidewards from the pop-up menu, the evaluation text of the first checklist is filled with 'Comply' for all bidders. If you select Populate downwards and sidewards from the pop-up menu, ‘Comply’ is copied to all checklists of all bidders.