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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

You can export only structure data, or you can also include the BOM positions data. Furthermore, you can specify an option for assembly export. If you want to include only a structural subset under the BOM starting node, you can use a query condition that has been created on A.60.06 with a proper module reference 'B.20.01.44'; this query serves to restrict exported BOM nodes and detail data based on a node selection criterion.

You must also specify for which issue status BOM positions data should be exported: you can specify a specific issue status, or you can have the export program determine the highest or lowest issue status for each node, and then export only positions of this status.

The last option you need to specify is how BOM attributes should be exported. The first option (for Smart Materials Re-Import) takes the BOM attribute propagation logic into account; this option writes records for attributes only once for each first occurrence of a node in the BOM path; subsequent new incarnations of the same node in the context of a different path do not repeat this redundant detail data.

The second option restricts exported attributes to those that are not propagated, that is, only direct node type attributes (B.10.03) and direct discipline-dependent position attributes (B.10.04) are exported, with the additional restriction that these attributes must be included in your BOM view.

The third and fourth options are similar to the first and second, respectively; however, they do not take into account the propagation logic, that is, they export attribute records for all qualifying attributes, regardless of whether they are propagated or not.