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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

On the Line Items tab on Window 2 of the P.50.07 Maintain Agreements screen, the following fields are available to support the equipment rental process:

  • Rental Start Date - Select the rental start date from the calendar LOV.

  • Rental End Date - Select the rental end date from the calendar LOV.

  • Valid Period - Type the number of the valid duration with respect to the specified interval.

  • Interval - Select the rental interval from the drop-down list in this field. The available values are Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years.

The fields listed above are applicable only for agreements of type Rental Order.

The Rental Return Qty field is displayed on the Item Shipments tab of P.50.07 Window 2.

For the selected item shipment, this field displays the total quantity that is issued with material issue reports (MIRs). Double-click in this field to open Window 38, where the latest posted MIR revisions that have the selected item shipment assigned are listed.

Double-click the MIR number to open the corresponding MIR screen.

This functionality is applicable only for agreements of type Rental Order.

The Material Receive Reports tab displays the highest posted MRRs created for the selected order.

Double-click the MRR number to open the corresponding MRR screen.

Receiving Rental Equipment

To receive rental equipment, you must define a rental warehouse. Select the Rental check box on the C.10.02 Warehouses screen to indicate the warehouse is to be used only for the receiving of rental orders. This warehouse cannot be used for reservation and issue vs. BOM.

On the C.20.01 Prepare MRR by PO screen, create a new MRR and select the Rental check box to indicate that the MRR is created for receiving the rental equipment.

Once you select this check box, the list of values in the Order Number field is restricted to show only rental orders, and the list of values in the Warehouse field shows only rental warehouses.

The project defaults ZC_UNT_ATR and ZC_SRN_ATR are used to define the unit number attribute (ZC_UNT_ATR) and the serial number attribute (ZC_SRN_ATR). The values entered for these attributes will be considered as the site attributes for creating unique inventory items.

Equipment Maintenance and Usage Records

See Maintain Equipment.