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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The following is a list of project defaults related to the E-Supplier functionality described in this section. These project defaults are set and maintained on the A.20.12 or A.20.13 screens.

ZP_EMT_RQS - E-mail template used on request for quote (RFQ) going to bidders. The e-mail template selected for this project default is taken when approving an inquiry on the P.30.21 screen (provided that project default ZP_EN_ACT has been set to Y).

ZP_EN_ACT - Is the e-mail notification active? (Y/N) If this default is set to Y, sending e-mails from the application is enabled.

ZP_QD_EA - The e-mail address of the Quote Desk. The Quote Desk receives any e-mails regarding the quotation process. (Example value: Part of the e-business functionality.

ZP_QL_MODE - Display of supplier qualification tab pages. Controls the display and behavior of the Qualifications tabs on P.20.01 Suppliers/Subcontractors.

Valid values are:

  • BOTH - Both Qualifications tabs will be enabled/displayed.

  • ESUP - The Qualifications tab for E-Supplier qualification will be enabled/displayed.

  • MSUP - The Qualifications tab for manual supplier qualification will be enabled/displayed.

  • NONE - None of the Qualifications tabs will be enabled/displayed.

ZP_QS_SIGN - Digitally sign quotes. When set to Y, the Quote Summary Signature project default allows supplier/subcontractors to sign quotes after they have been approved. When the quote has been signed, the finalized date will be filled in automatically. If set to N, the signature of the supplier/subcontractor is not required to finalize the quote.

ZP_QSD_UPP - The physical path of QS (quote summary) Documents Upload on the document server. This directory is for uploaded files coming from the bidder. This feature is part of the e-business functionality.

ZP_QTE_ADI - Request for Quote acknowledge due date interval (in days). The project default specifies how many days the bidder has to confirm the receipt of RFQs (request for quote). Part of the e-business functionality.

ZP_USECON - Use contact e-mail addresses instead of company e-mail addresses for RfQ. Use this project default to define where the e-mail addresses for the RfQ (Request for Quotation) on P.30.21 Inquiries should come from after approving the inquiry.

  • If it is set to N, the e-mail addresses are taken from the company addresses on A.10.23 Companies (Addresses tab) as usual.

  • If it is set to Y, the e-mail addresses are taken from the contacts on A.10.23 Companies (Contacts tab), and only bidders with entries in the Company Employee field on P.30.21 Prepare RFQ (Bidders tab) will get an e-mail for the RfQ.

ZX_DOC_SET - Default document set used by the E-Supplier login, where it will be queried automatically when D.10.12 is called.