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Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Commercial evaluation of quotes is an essential part of the collaboration among engineering, procurement, and bidder. During the creation of a requisition, engineering determines if a technical evaluation (TE) is to be done or not. A commercial evaluation is the mandatory part of an inquiry.

Commercial evaluation ensures a representative and comparable bid analysis. While the bid creation is already part of that aim, the evaluation of bids makes certain that the best total price, with the lowest risk for the project, is selected.

Commercial evaluation is part of the bidding cycle and is on a par with the technical evaluation, which means both evaluations can be a precondition for the supplier award.

Commercial evaluation of quotes in general marks the step before bidder selection. The final step – the approval of a bidder selection – is a simple workflow. However, the process to get to this final step is much more complex. Smart Materials provides a wider definition of the commercial evaluation process.

Commercial evaluation includes the following main functions:

  • Control quote summary status

  • Manage quote detail information

    • Manage quote detail prices, delivery conditions, and dates

    • Manage other costs (quote summary and detail level)

    • Manage cancellation costs

  • Download RFQs (if you do not use Smart Materials Portal)

  • Load RFQs (if you do not use Smart Materials Portal)

  • Assign commercial evaluation complete status

  • Award (select) supplier(s)

  • Approve the selection

The commercial evaluation is executed from the P.30.11 Inquiries screen.

If the inquiry is approved and displayed with a magenta background color in the Inquiry Number field, double-click in this field, or click the Commercial Evaluation button to open the P.30.22 Commercial Evaluation screen.

If project default ZP_TND_PRD is set to Y, you must select the Show Bids check box during the tender period to open the P.30.22 screen, otherwise you have only limited access to P.30.22. This means, only the Status tab is displayed, from where you can open Window 2 with the RFI/Clarifications, Files and Questions tabs.

This screen is a core workflow screen. For more information, see Core Workflow Screens.

Double-click in the Bidder field to open Window 2 with the quote details for the selected bidder.

If the tender period of an inquiry is active and ZP_TND_PRD is set to Y, you have only access to the RFI/Clarifications, Files and Questions tabs on Window 2.