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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The P.20.03 Questionnaire screen can be called from the menu branch in Smart Materials. Company self-registration in Smart Materials Portal is described in detail in Register for the Smart Materials Portal.

When you open the screen from the menu, you will be prompted to select a company from the LOV in the Company field. To restrict the list of available companies, select one of the following options:

  • Show only companies without submitted qualifications - Selecting this option causes the Company LOV to display only those companies that have not yet submitted the qualifications part of the questionnaire. These companies do not yet appear on the P.20.01 Suppliers/Subcontractors screen.

  • Show only companies with submitted qualifications - Choosing this option causes the Company LOV to display only those companies that have already submitted their qualifications part of the questionnaire. This option is preselected by default.

  • Show all companies - If selected, the Company LOV displays all companies without taking into account their specific level of completion of the qualifications part of the questionnaire.

After selecting the company from the LOV, click the Continue button. If you click Cancel, the screen is closed.

The Questionnaire Tree is displayed as shown in the picture above, with the top level nodes:

  • Login Details

  • Company Profile

  • Qualifications

Data are displayed here in a hierarchical order in a tree, reflecting the structure of the questionnaire. Each node of the tree corresponds to a certain level of the questionnaire, as defined on P.10.25 Question List. For more information, see Question List.

The color of the associated icons indicates the completeness of the answers to the questions related to the selected node.

  • Red - There are mandatory questions that have not been answered yet on the node's level or on any of its sub-levels.

  • Yellow - All mandatory questions have been answered, but answers to one or more optional questions on the selected level or any of its sub-levels are still missing.

  • Green - Both mandatory and optional questions on the selected level as well as on all its sub-levels have been answered.

To view the sub-nodes of the next lower level, click the + (plus) symbol in front of a node. If no + (plus) or - (minus) is shown, there are no child nodes available underneath the node.

At the left of the tree you can find buttons to expand, collapse, or refresh the tree nodes.

Click the Expand button to expand the selected node so that the sub nodes of the next level are displayed.

Click the Collapse button to hide the levels below the selected node.

Click the Expand All button to completely expand the selected node so that you can see all sub-levels.

Click the Collapse All button to collapse the selected node and hide all its sub-nodes.

You can use the Refresh All button if you want to refresh all the data in the questionnaire tree.

Whenever you select a node, a detail window is opened to the right of the tree, displaying all questions defined for the selected node, including the answers that have already been entered. If you select the Login Details top level node, the P.20.02 Login Requests screen opens and displays all data entered in the first step of the company registration.

For more information about the fields, see Login Requests.

If you select the Company Profiles or the Qualifications top level node or any of its sub-nodes, Window 2 opens and displays the corresponding questions and answers.

In the Revisions block on top of the screen, Company Profile or Qualifications is shown in the Level 1 field with its revision in the Rev field and the revision date in the Rev Date field. You can use the scrollbar to the left of the Level 1 field to browse through the revisions.

You can use the Submit button to submit your set of answers for the company profile or qualifications and the selected material/work groups for approval. The Submit button will be deactivated after submission. Answers cannot be modified once they have been submitted. If you want to update your answers or add documents after submission, create a new revision first.

Submission will not be possible unless all mandatory questions have been answered and at least one material/work group has been entered.

To create a revision of the company profile, click the Revision button. The software creates a copy of the set of answers belonging to the company profile or qualifications. This new revision will then be modifiable again; thus, you will be able to update answers, add documents, and so forth. The Revision button will be disabled as long as the most recent revision is not submitted for approval.

Click the Material/Work Groups button to open a new window where you can assign the material/work groups relevant for your company.

The Matl/Work Group Type field shows the name of the material/work group type. Double-click in this field to open the P.10.42 Material/Work Groups screen, where the material/work group types are defined. The description of the material/work group type is displayed in the Matl/Work Grp Type Description field. The name of the material/work group is shown in the Matl/Work Group field. Double-click in this field to open the P.10.42 Material/Work Groups screen, where the material/work groups are defined. The material/work group revision is shown in the Rev field and the material/work group description in the Matl/Work Group Description field. The percentage of work achieved by own forces is shown in the Own Forces field, the percentage of work achieved by subcontractors is shown in the % of Work Subcontract field, and the percentage of annual sales is shown in the % of Annual Sales field.

To delete a material/work group from the list, click the Delete button. To close the window and return to Window 2, click the Return button.

To enter a material/work group, click the Add button. Window 8 opens where you can select multiple material/work groups to be added.

Window 8 opens automatically when no material/work group has been assigned to the questionnaire so far.

Click the + (plus) sign in front of a material/work group type to expand the node and show all material/work groups assigned to this type. Select the Select check box for all material/work groups to be added. Click the Fill In button to add the selected groups. Or, use the Fill In and Return button to add the selected groups and close the window. The Select All button will select all material/work groups in one step. To cancel a selection, click the Deselect All button, and to close Window 8 and to return to the previous window, click the Return button.

Click the Documents button in the Revisions block to open Window 9, where the highest revision of all available documents attached to this questionnaire are displayed.

If you click the View button, the actual document at the cursor position is shown. If you then click the Open Selected button, all previously selected documents (Sel check box selected) are shown.

The Answers block displays all questions associated with the selected node, together with a field where you can fill in your answers. If required by the question, you will have the ability to upload files.

All answer-related fields are editable/activated only if you are working on the most recent revision of the set of answers, and if this revision has not been submitted yet.

The Question field shows the text of the question as it was defined on P.10.25. A light blue background in the Question box indicates that the question is not available in the login language. In the case that a question has conditional questions assigned, the question is highlighted with red background color, and the conditional questions are displayed in the Conditional Questions block on Window 10, when you click the question.

If the question text exceeds the field's dimensions, click into the field to open a separate box that displays the question in full.

Click Close to close the box.

If the Info button next to the Question field is shown with a green color, additional information is available that might help you to give a correct answer. Click the button to open a box where this information is displayed.

This information is defined in the Info field of P.10.25. Click Close to close the box.

The Mandatory check box indicates whether answering the question is mandatory or not. You must answer all mandatory questions (and upload documents, if requested) to be able to submit the set of answers.

The type of the answer for a question is shown in the Answer Type field. The available types are listed in Question List.

The answer given by the supplier/subcontractor is displayed in the Answer field. If multiple answers were provided for Multiple Answers type questions, all answers are displayed, separated by semicolons.

For Multiple Answers type questions, double-click the answer to open a dialog where all available answers are displayed, with the selected answers on top. Or, right-click the answer and select Show Data Source to view the source (SQL statement) of the answer list.

The Rev field shows the revision of the answer set that contains the last modification of this answer. If the Document Rqd indicator is marked, a document is required for answering the question.

Click the Upload/View button to open Window 6 where you can upload and view document files related to the selected question. If the button is green, documents are attached to the question. The Document Description field can be used to describe the document that is required for answering the question.

On top of the screen, the Question field, the Mandatory indicator, and the Document Description field are shown to help you to upload the correct files.

In the Documents block, you can upload files containing the documents requested for answering the question. You can enter a description of the file in the File Description field. Then click the Upload button to open a browser window where you can select the file to be uploaded from your local computer to the document server.

Select the file from the list and click the Open button to start the upload. The upload process is shown in a small box as displayed below.

Click the View button to retrieve the selected document from the document server for display on your client computer.

The directory C:\tmp must exist on the client computer and you must have write permissions for this directory.

By clicking the Remove button, you can remove the selected document from the document server. The document will also be removed from the list of uploaded documents.

Click the Return button to close the window and return to the previous screen.