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Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Material Issue Report (MIR) rules must be pre-defined for use on the material issue screens (C.20.21, C.20.21.11, C.20.22.01, C.20.22.02, C.20.22.04, C.20.23.01, and C.20.23.02). When creating a MIR, a procedure automatically generates the MIR number using the MIR rule.

MIR rules can be defined on the C.10.08 MIR Rules screen.

To define a new MIR rule, enter the rule name in the MIR Rule field and descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields. The naming rule must be entered in the MIR Definition field. For the rule definition, you can use fixed parts and a sequence number. The number of digits of the sequence is defined by a number of 0 (zeros) delimited by the special character #. You can use the LOV to select this part of the rule. The fixed parts of the rule can be used to mark the type of the document (MIR), to indicate the project, or anything else.

The example rule displayed in the picture above would create MIRs like ‘MIR-0001-ZA’.

The MIR rule defined as the default rule by selecting the Default indicator is used when no other rule is assigned to the user.

If you want to use different MIR rules for particular users, you must assign MIR rules to users on the C.10.21 Set Environment screen.