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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

On the P.70.74 Packages screen, you can create packages and assign item shipments to them as package items. Packages can be created as stand-alone packages on the Without Release Notes tab. In this case, you can assign item shipments of different orders to the packages. Or, you create packages based on release notes on the With Release Notes tab. In this case, only item shipments of that release note are available for the packages.

On the Without Release Notes tab, you can receive a package, and an MRR (Material Receiving Report) is then generated. Or, you can issue a package, and a MIR (Material Issue Report) is then generated.

In any case, the quantity of an item shipment can be split and allocated to several packages.