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Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Tracking subcontract progress helps you to know when the project is ahead of or behind schedule, which can affect the cost. It is important as a buyer to progress the status of subcontracts so that you are informed of any delays.

Subcontract progress is displayed on the SM.20.11 Subcontract Administration screen. Depending on the payment type of the agreement, you see different progress information on this screen.

Payment type


Measured Quantity

Item Progress

Milestone Progress

Milestone Progress

Milestone Summary

Schedule of Values

SOV Progress

Schedule of Values

View subcontract progress

  1. In the menu tree, navigate to Smart Materials > Site > Subcontract Management > SM.20 Subcontracts.

  2. Double-click SM.20.01 Subcontractor Workload.

  3. Enter a query.

    If ZP_SMINCPO is set to Y, you can query also for purchase order (PO) agreements.

    If you have the MULTI PROJECT privilege and ZP_MINCPO is set to Y, do not query for all agreements (this means, without entering a query condition to restrict the number of queried records).

  4. Double-click an agreement number to view information on SM.20.11 Subcontract Administration.

    • If the payment type for the agreement is Measured Quantity, you can go to the Item Progress tab for information about the period progress numbers.

    • If the payment type for the agreement is Milestone Progress, you can go to the Milestone Summary tab for information about overall milestone progress. You can click Details on the Milestone Summary tab to manage progress of a particular milestone.

    • If the payment type for the agreement is Schedule of Values, you can go to the SOV Progress and Schedule of Values tabs for information about the period progress numbers and overall schedule of values.

Approval process

The approval process for progress items has some unique characteristics. You can reverse approval, enforce approval, or request a re-submittal of a progress item.

  • Click Reverse Approval on A.20.49 Approval Sequence to reverse the approval. All approvals in the approval sequence are removed, and the approval sequence must be re-started.

  • Click Enforce Approval on A.20.49 Approval Sequence to enforce the approval, even though not all (or none) of the approvers of that sequence have approved. This feature can be used when:

    • The approval sequence has not yet started, and no one has approved or rejected.

    • The approval sequence is not yet complete, and not all approvers have approved or rejected.

    • The approval sequence is complete, but the result is a mix of approved and rejected.

    • The approval sequence is complete, and all approvers have rejected.

      The privilege PROGRESS APPROVAL authorizes users to approval progresses on SM.20.11. Users with the additional privilege, ENFORCE APPROVAL, are authorized to use the Enforce Approval button.

  • Click Request Resubmit on a progress tab to allow a contractor to request the re-submission of a progress item before the approval sequence has been started. As soon as any of the approvers has approved or rejected, the Request Resubmit button becomes unavailable.