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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

After a price agreement is available, it can be used with any kind of purchase order, for example, manually created or based on a requisition. In the following example, the requisition PIPING-FLG&FITT-NO-SPLIT-0001 is used to create a purchase order.

On the P.50.01 Agreements screen, click Create Agreement, select the Based on an engineering requisition option, and click Continue to create an agreement based on a requisition.

In the next step, the supplier is assigned to the purchase order. To be able to later work with a price agreement, a supplier has to be chosen, for which a price agreement has been created.

After the purchase order is created, the P.50.07 Maintain Agreements screen provides the Apply Prices button. Click the button, select the Price Agreement option, and click Continue.

Window 12 opens, where all available price agreements for the supplier who is assigned to the agreement can be viewed and selected.

The software does not filter the price agreements based on the valid start and end dates. It is your decision whether a selected price agreement has valid dates.

After selecting a price type, click the Apply Prices button to populate the prices from the price agreement to all agreement line items, where the software finds matching ident codes.

The agreement line items not having a matching ident code available in the price agreement are not affected. This means, it is possible to apply prices from several price agreements with a supplier into one purchase order. It must be emphasized that if an ident code exists in more than one price agreement, the last applied price will stay on the agreement line item level.