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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

On the MCS tab, you can see all material certificate summaries (MCS) of the current order. Here you can create, modify, and delete MCSs. An MCS can only be deleted if none of its item shipments has been assigned to an IRC or a release note.

To see the item shipments of an MCS, you can either double-click in the MCS Number field or click the Details button.

The MCS Number field shows the name/number of the material certificate summary (MCS). MCS numbers must be unique within the combination of project and order number. That is, the same MCS number can be used within the same project but for different orders. Only within an order must the MCS number be unique. You can double-click in this field to open another window where the item shipments of this MCS are displayed. See the description of the Details button below for the details.

If the project default ZP_EXPRULE is set to Y, MCS numbers are automatically created. The MCS rule that is applied is given by the project default ZP_MCSRULE. MCS rules are defined on the P.10.78 Expediting Rules screen. The MCS number is shown once you enter an MCS date and move to the next record or commit the data. Automatically generated MCS numbers cannot be updated.

The MCS Date field shows the date of the MCS. The date of an MCS must be earlier than the date of any IRC or release note that might have already been assigned to any item shipment with this MCS number. A date in the future is not allowed. If the date of an MCS is greater than the order approval date, a warning appears. You can decide to enter a new date or to go ahead with the entered date.

The MCS Quantity field shows the total of all item shipment quantities placed on the MCS. If no item shipments is assigned, 0 (zero) is displayed. If different quantity units are found on the associated item shipments, this field remains empty. The unit for the MCS quantity is shown in the Quantity Unit field.

Click the Details button or double-click in the MCS Number field to open another window where the item shipments assigned to the selected MCS are displayed.

This screen is a core workflow screen. For more information, see Core Workflow Screens.

To assign new item shipments to the MCS number, open the LOV in the Pos field. Another window opens where the available item shipments are displayed.

This screen is a core workflow screen. For more information, see Core Workflow Screens.

Select the Sel check box of all item shipments that are to be assigned to the MCS. Alternatively, you can click the Select All button to mark all displayed item shipments. The Deselect All button cancels the current selection. Click the Fill In button to assign the selected item shipments to the MCS. Finally, click the Return button to close this LOV window and to return to the previous window.