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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The C.20.24.03 Return to Inventory screen can be used to return issued items back to the inventory.

You can query for the posted or un-posted RTIs using the options on top of the screen.

To create a new RTI (return to inventory) document, click Cancel Query and select the date from the LOV in the Create Date field. Select the company that returns the material from the LOV in the Company field, and enter descriptions in the Short Desc and Description fields.

If you assign a company to the RTI, the LOV in the Inventory Issues field on Window 2 is restricted to material issues for this company.

Saving the record creates the RTI number based on the rule defined on C.10.26 RTI Rules.

To add items to the second (Return to Inventory Details) block, click the Populate Inventory Issues button or use the LOV in the BOM Path field. Window 2 opens where you can select issued items to return the over-issued quantity back to the inventory.

Click Exe Query to display the available MIRs with their inventory issues in the second block. If you have assigned a company to the RTI, the MIRs are filtered to match this company. Use the scrollbar to scroll through the MIRs. If you select the Query Only Inventory Issues check box, all inventory issues appear in one list.

All inventory issues that can be found on posted MIRs appear.

To select inventory issues to be placed on the RTI, select the Sel check box and click Fill In. The selected inventory issues are assigned to the RTI and displayed on Window 1.

Back on Window 1, enter the quantity you want to return to the inventory in the Return Quantity field. This quantity must not exceed the quantity displayed in the Max Return Qty field.

The maximum returnable quantity is equal to the on-hand quantity of the over issue warehouse or the over issued quantity, whichever is higher.

Finally, click Post to book the items assigned to the RTI back into the inventory. The over issued quantities are returned to the selected inventory items. The return quantity value is updated and appears in the Return Quantity fields on the Inventory Management screens.

Once an inventory issue is selected and assigned to an RTI, you cannot un-post or revise the MIR by which the material was issued.

To reverse the posting, you can click Unpost.

The Unpost button is enabled for all posted RTIs.