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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Indicates the second part of a new requisition header (there are two line types for one requisition header due to the number of values).

This line type contains the less important requisition information and relates to optional columns in the Smart Materials table M_REQS.

The REQ_2 line is optional in the import file, but it can only follow a REQ_1 line. Otherwise, all data records are skipped until the next occurrence of REQ_1 (or higher in the line type hierarchy), and a warning is given.

Each of these fields is optional. If there is no value, NULL will be stored. There is no default value.

Line structure:

Line Type: REQ_2

Value 1: Sequence of the buy cycle

Format: Number(5)

Value 2: Account code

Format: Character(70)

Value 3: Milestone set

Format: Character(10)

Value 4: Blanket order number

Format: Character(50)

Value 5: Blanket order supplement

Format: Number(2)

Value 6: Origin for blanket order

Format: Character(10)

Value 7: Material group

Format: Character(10)

Value 8: Requisition category

Format: Character(10)

The value given for the account code will be ignored if you are working with the Accounting module (project default ZJ_USE_AC set to ‘Y’). In this case, you can only import account code information using lines of type RLI_AC (see below).

A blanket order is only stored with a requisition if the purchase indicator is set and if a blanket order number and a blanket order supplement and an origin for the blanket order are given in the input file. Only those blanket orders that have been approved (including all change orders) can be placed on a requisition.