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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

On the Alternates/Options tab, you can specify alternative or optional items. Alternates and options defined on the inquiry/quote level are copied over when the agreement is created from the quote summary. These alternates/options can be modified, or you can define alternates and options here on the agreement level. Only the prices of alternates and options for which the Include check box is selected and to which line items are assigned are incorporated in the total costs of the agreement. To assign line items to an alternate/option, you must double-click in the Line Item(s) field.

The order sequence of the alternate or option is entered in the Seq field. Select Alternate or Option from the drop-down list in the Type field. In the Description field, enter the description of the alternative or optional item. Select Add or Deduct from the drop-down list in the Add/Deduct field to specify if the price of the alternate/option implies an increase or a reduction of the costs. Enter the price of the alternative/optional item in the Price field. The currency of the price is displayed in the Currency field. You can double-click in this field to open the A.10.12 Units of Measure screen. In the Clarification field, you can enter any additional comment on the alternate/option. If you select the Include indicator, the price of this item is considered when calculating the total costs of the agreement.

The Line Item(s) field shows if any line items have been assigned to this alternate/option. If no line items are assigned, NONE is displayed. If exactly one line item is assigned, the position and sub position of that line item is displayed. If multiple line items are assigned, MULTIPLE is displayed. Regardless of the current value in this field, you can double-click in the field to open a window where you can define or view the disbursement of the alternate/option price.

To assign agreement line items to the selected alternate/option, use the LOV in the Pos field. Select the line item from the LOV, and it will automatically populate the Pos, Sub, and Ident Short Description fields.

Enter either the percentage of the alternate/option price assigned to this line item in the % field or the proportional amount in the Value field. When a percentage is entered, the Value field is automatically calculated. Vice versa, the percentage is automatically calculated when a value is entered. The value will be added to the extended price of the line item and used to calculate the unit price of the line item.

All percentages must total up to 100%; otherwise, data cannot be saved. The current running totals are displayed in the % and Value fields in the first (Alternate/Option) block.

When an alternate or option is deleted, an alert appears if there are any line items that are associated with that alternate/option. This alert warns the buyer that he should think about whether this deletion should also be reflected accordingly on the Line Items tab. This alert is mainly of interest in the case of change orders when line items get included on the change order just because of a change applied to an alternate or option.