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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

The Printable Guides is a library of documents that describe the functionality of Smart Materials and Reference Data. To access this library, click Help > Printable Guides.

The DBA setting ONLINE_REFERENCE_LIBRARY_URL is used to set the URL for the Help > Printable Guides command to call the Printable Guides start page. The default value is <your application server>/marian_webentry/docs.htm. The URL points to the <Smart Materials Home>/web_entry directory on the application server.

Another way to open the Printable Guides documents is described in Product Documentation in the Valid Settings section of this document. In this way you can open documents related to a specific screen or module directly from that screen.

The Printable Guides are organized in categories:

New Features - Release Bulletin and Release Notes, describing the new features.

Installation - Guidelines for the installation, migration and service pack upgrades.

General - General introduction and manuals explaining how to set up Smart Materials.

Integration - All integration-related documentation.

Smart Materials - This section is arranged in sub-categories reflecting the Smart Materials modules.

Smart Reference Data - This category contains documents for the classic Smart Reference Data application and for the Smart Reference Data Plus application.

Discoverer - Documents describing the Discoverer.

Tutorials - Training manuals demonstrating the functionality in Smart Materials and Smart Reference Data.

All the documents are clearly arranged and listed by title.

If you are not yet familiar with the documents, you might want to see some more information about their content. For this purpose, use the Display Document Descriptions option on the upper part of the page.

When you click this option, the page shows brief descriptions for each document to help you navigate through the library. This additional information makes the search for a particular document easier.

To open a user's help, move the cursor to the document title. The cursor style will change to a pointer. Click the title to open the help.

To search through all the documents in the library, click the SPMATDOC.pdf link in the second paragraph. The SPMATDOC.pdf contains all of the Printable Guides documents delivered with Smart Materials.

After opening this file, click Edit > Find, and enter the term you want to search for. Here we are searching for "design change warehouse."

You can also use Edit > Advanced Search for more options.

Adobe Reader finds all occurrences of that phrase in the document. You can step through the results.